Linear orthotropic material

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      I have a rotated volume, modelled with solid186 elements, and the whole structure consists of 4 metallic materials, 3 of them isotropic but one of them are defined as linear orthotropic.So its a cylindrical coordinate system so that Ex are in the radial direction, Ey is in the tangential direction and Ez in the axiell direction. Now im guessing i need to compensate so that the e-modules for the orthotropic material are lined up with the global coordinate system, how do i do that? Do i select all the elements in the orthotropic material and rotate them or something?


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    • maurya

      hello daniel 

                          can you show the image of your model?

      whether orthotropic geometry align with global or local cylindrical?

      are you using workbench or apdl?

      in workbench as well as in apdl you can insert property in cartisian coordinate only.

      So its better to use the stress transformation matrix to convert cylindrical  into cartisian elastic constant  than add it into material properties.



    • tb2arvd


      Im using APDL. The orthotropic geometry has an angle fi, with respect to the global cyl coord system. The e-modulus that goes into the screen, Ey, the tangential one is the only one in the same direction as the global one.


      Best regards, Daniel

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