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list of keypoints

    • lilhaq93


      I'm a new user of Ansys so be clement.

      I'm building a model by APDL commands.I want to connect few keypoint by lines.The thing is ,while I'm writing the input file I don't know the number of all my keypoints (some of them are created by KGEN or LGEN) but one thing I know for sure is one of their coordinates so I made a selection like this :




      What I want to do now is to make a list(like array or table) of those keypoints (or of their coordinates) so that I can use a *DO to connect the first one to the second by LSTR ,and do the same for the rest of the keypoints.All this without knowing exactly the number of the keypoints



    • jpasquerell
      Ansys Employee

      You could use the *VGET command 3 times to get the  x y and z values.

      *dim,kplocs,array,n,3   ! replace n with max kp number





      but this will require a lot of manipulation to sort and get the needed info.  Are the lines at a regular interval?  If so make the first set of lines then use lgen to make the next set of keypoints and lines.  also, if the active csys is 0 then the lines are straight.   Another option in a do loop would be like this:


      *do,jj,1,4,1                                   ! 4 loops with spacing of 1

      lstr,kp(jj,ky(1),kz(1)), kp(jj,ky(2),kz(2))            ! kp(x,y,z) gets a keypoint number nearest the xyz coordinates and

                                                                              ! kx(k), ky(k) and kz(k) gets the coordinates of keypoint k

      lstr,kp(jj,ky(2),kz(2)), kp(jj,ky(3),kz(3))  

      ! repeat for other lines 





    • jpasquerell
      Ansys Employee

      If your question is how to create lines going from 3 to 8, 8 to 13 then try:






      klocs(jj,1)=km      ! minimum selected kp number

      klocs(jj,2)=kx(km)   ! x coord of it








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