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General Mechanical

Load in Static Structure

    • Kareem Abdulla

      I am doing a parametric study but before doing that I have to verify the model with a lab results. In the lab they used incremental load until the specimen couldn't take any force then they noted the load subjectuded to the model and its deformation. Can I do that in Ansys or I have to key in a force, I mean can I use incremntal load and see at what force the model will stop resisting the load, or I'll just have to key in the final load from the lab experiment and get the deformation. 

      Thank you 

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee


      It is probably possible to do that to certain extent (depends on the final failure type to capture).

      So we can ramp up the load gradually untill something fails say perhaps.

      Search this forum and the internet you will find some examples:

      All the best


      • Kareem Abdulla

        Thank you Erik so mcuh. The discussion you shared did help. 

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