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Load vs Deflection

    • nevertrust


      How can we do a simulation of Concrete cylinder specimen in workbench?

      I want to valid load vs deflection curve.

      I need help to edit materials input and how to apply the Load condition. 

      Further information should be added if needed. 

      If you have some example please attach file it will help me to understand clearly.

      waiting for your positive response.


      Thank you.    

    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee


      In Ansys Workbench, if you go to Engineering Data and click on Engineering Data Sources, then under General Materials, you should be able to add the Concrete material.

      In addition, there are several tutorials available to get started. Could you share an image of the geometry or a diagram indicating what you want to simulate? 

      Hope this helps,



    • nevertrust

      Thank you sai for your reply,

      I assigned Multilinear Isotropic Hardening Properties on Concrete material. I plot Stress vs Plastic strain data but not assigned properly (Highlighted as not assign properly image can find below). How can we put data in Tabular?


      Static Structural

      Engineering Data = General materials = concrete

      ·       Multilinear Isotropic Hardening

      ·       Fill tabular (import delimited data)

      Other properties are default.

      Above figure is not clear so here is strain stress data.

      Strain Stress (MPa)

      0.000000          0.000

      0.000761          15.000

      0.001100          20.198

      0.001622          30.001

      0.002200       40.304

      0.003300         50.008

      0.004600          40.236

      0.006703         20.236

      0.012000          5.258

      I want to simulate the compression test on a cylinder. Dimension of Cylinder is 100 diameter and 200 mm height.

      Waiting for your positive response. 

      Thank you.


    • Wenlong
      Ansys Employee


      The tangent modulus of a hardening model cannot be less than 0, which means you cannot define a softening behavior in a hardening model. (Reference: 

      There are other material properties you can use to define the softening behavior of concrete, such as the Microplane damage model:






      You can do a search    concrete on google and you will find a lot of information about concrete modeling in Ansys Mechanical.




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