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General Mechanical

Loading different external data with time for Transient thermal analysis

    • lzfneu


      The positions of heat generation source are varied with time and the heat generation data are external tabular data cannot be described as functions.

      I want to consult you that is it possible to load different external data with time to perform the simulation. Could you give me some suggestions.

      Thank you!

    • peteroznewman

      It will be easier to provide useful guidance if you provide an example of the external tabular data and the geometry where you want the heat generation to occur. You can attach a zip file to your post if it is < 120 MB in size.  If your geometry is already in an ANSYS model, you can create a project Archive as a .wbpz file and put that in the zip file along with the tabular data in a text file or an Excel file.  Please say which release of ANSYS you are using (18.2, 19.0 etc).

      This discussion may get moved to the Thermodynamics part of the site instead of the Structural part.

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