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*LOCAL COORDINATE SYSTEM ANSYS APDL ? how Ansys transform coordinates system?

    • disotop

      🙂(LOCAL COORDINATE SYSTEM ANSYS APDL)Hi Everyone ! I am a mechanical Engineer from Colombia, and I am doing a Master degree. 

      1. My question is this one: Where I can find information related to How Ansys APDL print Stress results, Mechanical Strain and Deformation in a Local Cylindrical Y-axis Coordinate System ?
      2.  I have Cylindrical Pressure Vessel oriented in Y xis, for each element I use the command ESYS and I assignetd a local coordinate system
      3. But my worry is about, how ansys do the coordinate transformation for the element and the materials? the material of my model is an anysotropic material
      4. IF someone can tell me where I can check than, or if someone knows how to do it , I will be eneternaly grateful !! 
    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
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