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General Mechanical

local maximum stress for a certain region of interest

    • Aya.hassan

      Hello all,

      I have solved a structure model in static structure module. I want to calculate local maximum stress which is the maximum for a defined region of interest in the model. In the next picture, the maximum principal results after I made a cut section. How can I calculate the maximum value of stress or show the results in the area marked with red.

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Aya.hassan,

      I can see only one image here, instead of two like you said.

      Do you have a mathematical definition of the area? Such as elements which have centroid x coordinate less than 10 mm? If yes, you can create a named selection based on the worksheet for the required elements and then scope the result to the named selection instead of the geometry.

      If you don't have a mathematical definition of the area, you can still select the elements by using box select or Lasso select tools and scope the results to the selected elements.

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