Local mesh refinment in Ansys Maxwell

    • Timo

      Hello everybody,

      I am working with Ansys Maxwell 3D and try to refine mesh in certain areas of my body. To be more specific: I have created a cylinder and now I want to refine the mesh in a thin disc inside this cylinder. I tried to split the body along the face of this disc but I dont really get the right boundary/ matching conditions on this faces.

      Does anyone has an idea how to get a proper solution?

      Many thanks in advance!


    • mchristi
      Ansys Employee

      In order to refine the mesh on a plane cutting thru an existing volume, first create a coordinate system at the desired cutplane.  Then, use Modeler > Surface > Section to create a perfect cross-sectional sheet for the body. Select the newly created sheet (in history tree or by clicking on it) and apply a mesh operation "On Selection".

      If the initial body consists of separate materials and must be split into two objects, first create a coordinate system at the desired cutplane. Then, use Modeler > Boolean > Split to divide the body in half. Use Edit > Selection Mode > Faces to choose one of the end faces at the split location and apply a mesh operation "On Selection".  Adding an extra 2D sheet object between two touching objects is not recommended since it is redundant and adds unnecessary complexity to the model.

      Reference Maxwell online help topics: "Creating a Relative Coordinate System", "Creating a Cross-Section" and "Splitting Objects"

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