Locally finner mesh in MAXWELL

    • bamdadslr

      Hi all,


      I am using Maxwell to model a cylinder rod (height = 1 m, radius = 12.5 mm) inside an outer cylinder (soil, height = 5 m, radius = 5 m). I want to refine my mesh inside the outer cylinder in the parts near the rod, not the whole area. Is there any way to refine mesh locally in Maxwell?


    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Yes,

      Mesh can be locally refined in Maxwell:

      A key benefit of Maxwell is its automatic adaptive meshing techniques, which require you to specify only the geometry, material properties and the desired output to obtain an accurate solution. The meshing process uses a highly robust volumetric meshing technique and includes a multithreading capability that reduces the amount of memory used and accelerates time to solution. This proven technology eliminates the complexity of building and refining a finite element mesh and makes advanced numerical analysis practical for all levels of your organization.

      Check out this manual section on this. Also, please note that you can press F1 on any open dialog to open the Help for that dialog.

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