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Lofting two airfoil together

    • Aras karimi

      Hello everyone,

      I took the coordinates of the points of an airfoil from the Airfoil Tools website and converted it into a text file that can be read in Design Modeler software. I then imported it into Design Modeler which can display the airfoil without any problems. Now I plan to loft two airfoils to each other. When I select two airfoils, the loft command cannot connect them to each other.

      Can anyone help me?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Is it closed curve or open? Please use open curves for lofting. It helps. 

      Instead you can also import that curve in SpaceClaim and use Blend tool. 

      Please go through help manual for more details 



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