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Long Geometry Import Time/Geometry simplification

    • bsmith643

      Hello, I'm working on an analysis for a heat exchanger. I am curious if anyone has recommendations for things I can do to speed up geometry import/meshing/solving for some complex geometry. The problem mainly comes in with the fins on the interior, which are quite thin (<0.2mm) relative to their length and width (~100mmx300mm). I've simplified the fin shape somewhat and I would consider what remains essential for the flow analysis that I'm doing, but even loading the geometry in the fluent mesher took almost an hour. I've worked with Ansys products for a little over a year, but I haven't had to work with geometry this fine that I couldn't simplify or make some kind of assumption for. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Please check geometry in SpaceClaim. 
      Select geometry in structure tree --> Use right click --> Select Check Geometry. (Or Tools - Fault Detection in DM)
      The geometry should be error free to proceed. 
      If geometry has any errors, please modify/recreate geometry at those places. 

      The import time also depends on what file format you are using. Please use SpaceClaim file to import in Fluent Meshing. 

      Please go through help manual for more details 



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