looking for processes that can make tubes: I obtain two different solutions

    • charlotte.becquart


      Looking for processes that can make tubes, I obtain two different solutions and I don't understand why.

      I use a graphical search. I put as the x axis all the shaping processes and as the y axis I put either (using advanced and the trees) 1/ structural sections: tubes and I get two processes

      2/ shapes: I chose Prismatic Axisymmetric plain hollow and I see the picture of something that looks like a tube and I got 79 processes, some of them I don't think apply.

      Additional question: how would you do this search ?

      Kind regards


    • David Mercier
      Ansys Employee
      Dear Charlotte Good question. You can get such process from the shapes database, by looking directly into the links between databases. And I agree with you I have the same result. But I assume this difference comes from that in structural section, you focus only on bulk tubes in only 3 materials (2 metals and 1 glass) and thus processes that can make these specific examples of bulk tubes (extrusion and pultrusion), and then neglect for example other processes than are compatible with all Prismatic Axisymmetric plain hollow shapes.

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