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Loss of elemental material assignment data when going from FE Modeller to Transient Structural

    • bharathn

      Hello all,

      I am trying to do the following:

      1. I have a tetrahedral mesh in Abaqus with elemental material assignement : i.e. I have around 4 materials distributed around in the solid, and there are clusters of elements with different material properties.

      2. I import the .inp file into the "FE Modeller" module. The mesh, and the material assignments are imported without any issue.

      3. I then connect the 'model' component in the FE Modeller to the 'model' component in the "Transient Structural" module. However, when I open the Mechanical program, the elemental material assignments are all lost.

      I would appreciate any input in this matter. I have attached an image in case it helps. I can send other files too if required. Thank you so much! 

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