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Loss of license key during lumopt optimization run

    • Silvie Luisa Brázdilová


      I was running an optimization script that uses lumopt (a sample provided by ANSYS). The optimization method ( runs several forward and adjoint simulations. However, during the script run, somebody grabbed a lumerical license, so suddenly one of the adjoint simulations could not be finished and the whole program crashed. It seems that when the script runs several individual simulations, the license key is taken and then released individually for each of the simulation run, and between the simulation runs it is possible that somebody else uses the license. My question is how to prevent this? Is it possible to make the script "reserve" a license key until it finishes? Or is there any other solution? It is not good when after a few hours the program run is interrupted and cannot be continued from where it ended (or can it?) Thanks a lot!

    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee

      @Silvie Luisa Brázdilová, 

      The license being checkout/checkin when the simulation starts and finishes is intended. You can "reserve" the license as shown in this Knowledge Base (KB) page

      Based on your entitlement/records, you have a commercial license. For commercial license users, please register with Lumerical support. And submit a ticket through the Lumerical/Optics support portal. Thank you. 

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