Lossy Photonic Crystal Bandstructure

    • schinta3


      I have a situation (3D planar slab) similar to what is discussed on this page:

      One question I have is, the material is lossy but certain simulations of the kx,ky sweeps diverge, while others do not (i.e. 1 or 2 per sweep of 25 k vectors diverge). The materials themselves are lossy but with no gain (lossy material eith ethched rods).

      The analysis script I am using still generates a bandstructure over the sweeps (the analysis script slightly modified from here:

      I am not sure if these simulations are accurate, though the bandstructures look reasonable. I have tried different seeds for both the dipole cloud and bandstructure monitor/sources as well, in case of some strange symmetry problem.

      Any advice is greatly appreciated!


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      There are a few ways to remedy this:

      1: modify those diverged files and make sure they run normally. then using the script to get the band structure

      2: modify the original file to make sure it dies not diverge. You can use symmetry BCs, modify PML, increase the distance between the objects and PML, modify material fittings, make the simualtion short (eg, the progress percentage to 95% or so)

      You may also refer some guidelines on dealing with diverging simulation.


      please do not run too long the simulation time, as it needs to capture those wavelengh/frequency that have small Q factors.

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