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Low Usage of GPU

    • kin



      As the attached picture, that was the usage of Nvidia GPU(GPU-1) when solving a fluid flow problem by Discovery Live. The utilization of GPU-1 almost maintained in the range of 5X%. Why didn't the use of GPU-1(Nvidia) merely go over 60% even up to 8~9x% during solving a problem since the computation of Discovery Live totally depends on GPU?

      It looks like Discovery Live took some resources of CPU to solve the problem.

      Is this normal or not? If it's not, how could I use all power of GPU to solve problems with Discovery Live?


      P.S: The same situation took place when I used SpaceClaim whose GPU setting was set as Nvidia GPU to make CADs.


      Thank you.

    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee


      As you may be aware, Discovery Live uses the GPU to solve the simulations.  This being the case, some GPU resources need to be held in reserve for other PC functions.  An upper limit was set by the development team.  
      We are exploring the possibility of increasing the amount of GPU capacity that can be used.

      • kin

        Hi, Brian Bueno 

        First of all, thank you for your response.

        Second, as you mentioned the upper limit was set by the development team, how much power can we use for now? For example, it's 80% or even higher?

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