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    • Fernando Torres

      Hi Seniors, I'm new to LS and I tried wb extension for LS DYNA to set up 2d material cutting simulation (like I did for wb autodyn explicit, and it worked in autodyn explicit) but here, the case is "hilarious". Tool moves through the workpiece with out even touching it (shown in photo).

    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee
      LS-DYNA System in Workbench won't write 2D contact keywords. You have to export the K file from Workbench, edit the K file manually by adding _2D to the Contact keywords in the K file. The 2D contact keywords could be *CONTACT_2D_AUTOMATIC_SINGLE_SURFACE or *CONTACT_2D_AUTOMATIC_SURFACE_TO_SURFACE.nFinally, you need to run the modified K file using MAPDL Product Launcher and post-process the results either in LS-PrePost or in WB LS-DYNA system after reading the results back to the WB system.n
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