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General Mechanical

LS-DYNA and acoustic elements

    • faizan123

      I am working on modeling a water-filled container using linear elements (MAT_ACOUSTIC and MAT_ELASTIC_FLUID for water) and these two element formulations are new to me. I would be grateful for guidance regarding the two issues mentioned below:

      1 - I modeled water using MAT_ACOUSTIC and solid element form 8, and the container using MAT_ELASTIC and shell element form 16. I merged the nodes at the interface for coupling and applied a body force (gravity) in the vertical (Z) direction and fixed the base of the container (BOUNDARY_ SPC). The water elements do not seem to be coupled well as seen in the deformed shape (shown in the attached PDF). (I tried using BOUNDARY_ACOUSTIC_COUPLING for coupling as well and faced the same issue.) I would be grateful if you could take a look at the attached model file (acoustic.k) to see if there is anything that I am missing.

      2- If I model the contained fluid with MAT_ELASTIC_FLUID, what is the best way to couple the fluid and the container to ensure that there is free slip at the interface? Merging the nodes restrains the fluid at the interface. Is there any contact card that would work for this purpose?  

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