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LS-Dyna DATABASE_CROSS_SECTION_SET – Incorrect Force Calculation

    • maheshwarj


      I am trying to simulate an explicit simulation of a frontal car crash using a belted occupant. I've setup *DATABASE_CROSS_SECTION_SET outputs on the seatbelts to calculate the shoulder belt and lap belt forces. For this, I've defined a node set, shell set (for 2D elements of the seatbelt), and a local coordinate system at the cross section. Some of my simulations that have been setup the same way are calculating the seatbelt forces correctly. However, I have a couple of simulations where the force starts at 0, and then jumps to about 16000N within 5 milliseconds. Not sure why this is happening because all the contacts and setup is exactly the same between the simulations - only the occupant positioning is different. I've attached plots for what the shoulder and lap belt should look like, and what the error loads look like.

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