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LS Dyna – Error 70022 (OTH+22)

    • Oliver Duncan

      Similar to the post linked below - I am recieving this error when running LSDyna via workbench (but with LSDyna version 13.1.0 for windows, not 13.0 for Linux - so slightly different to the linked post). I have checked various simulation types, and file directories, and it seems nothing will run. Does 13.1.0 also contain a known bug, and if so, which update should I install to repair it? 

      Error “*** Error 70022 (OTH+22)” Ls-Dyna on Linux (

    • Imtiaz Gandikota
      Ansys Employee

      I think similar to the solution in the link, you would need R13.1.1. Did you try installing the service pack for 2022R2?

      This is a known bug in version 13.1 (in 2022 R2 installation). LS-DYNA checking out permanent ANSYS LS-DYNA license. Version 13.1.1 fixes this issue.


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