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ls-dyna explicit damping

    • Fady Elshazly


      I am trying to consider different types of damping in one LS-DYNA model. For instance:


      1- To use mass damping added to frequency range deform damping 

      2- To use more than one frequency range deform damping added together at similar or different frequency ranges

      can this cause any numerical inaccuracy or it is okay to apply this. 



    • Andreas Koutras
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Fady,

      You may use multiple *DAMPING_FREQUENCY_RANGE_DEFORM keywords only if each of these keywords is applied to a unique part set. If more than one *DAMPING_FREQUENCY_RANGE_DEFORM keywords are defined for a part, then the following Warning is produced. You can verify this with an example.

      • Fady Elshazly

        so it is not possible to apply several ones at different frequency ranges for the same part? 

        what if i use mass damping along with frequency damping for the same part?

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