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LS-Dyna FLD value is Strange

    • Ha heongyu

      Hi there, I am trying to plot the formability plot in LS-Dyna.

      But something is strange.

      Whatever mesh point i select, every value is zero.

      So, every mesh point is pointed in origin in fld plot.

      Why like this?

      I designed the Punch, Plate, Die shell body, Is this the cause?

      Please let me know why the values are all zero in every point.

    • Imtiaz Gandikota
      Ansys Employee


      Please run this simple example ( and see if you’re able to plot the data. Please also add *DATABASE_EXTENT_BINARY with STRFLG to output strain data to d3plot. If you still see zero values, maybe the issue is with your LSPP version. Try the latest LSPP version. 



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