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LS Dyna

LS-DYNA Heat Addition to S-ALE Ideal Gas Model

    • Adam Young

      I want to increase the temperature of specific regions of an ideal gas using S-ALE.  This can be achieved using *BOUNDARY_AMBIENT, though as it is a temperature boundary condition rather than a heat flux, it constrains the temperature of a region so does not allow for superposition/interaction with adjacent regions (whose temperature I will increase later in the analysis).

      Is it possible to use the thermal solver and the *LOAD_HEAT_GENERATION card to affect the temperature of the S-ALE material?  In my attempts so far, the temperature of the ALE material (Misc/History var. #4) seems to be unaffected by the increase in nodal temperature (Misc/Temperature), suggesting that the load applied to the thermal material is not coupled to the ALE material. 

    • ido
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Adam,

      First, please always describe the physics of the problem you want to model.  In general, ALE is not very good for heat transfer, all thermally important events happens in time scales much larger than what ALE is designed for, which are hydrodynamic events of very high gradient and short durations. If you want general heat transfer, ALE is not the right tool. 

      If you want to increase the T in a gas, your approach is correct. 

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