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LS-DYNA – installation / licensing via ansys gui or sh scripts

    • Todd Bredbenner

      I'm trying to run implicit jobs on ls-dyna on a ubuntu 20.04 workstation.  (We have Academic Multiphysics Campus licenses for Teaching and Research.)

      I started by using the GUI-based Ansys installer and ls-dyna (single precision) was installed.  I get a run-time error that I implicit solver jobs are not supported on the single-precision solver version.  I don't see an option (?) to specify which version of ls-dyna to install through the Ansys installer.

      I downloaded the single precision SMP version of ls-dyna (R13.1.0), installed it using the attached shell script, and set up a LSTC_FILE pointing to the ansys license server.  I get a run-time error that the Error License client cannot find any servers to talk to.

      How can I resolve the ls-dyna version / licensing issue?




    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee


      Do You have “ANSYS Academic Research LS-DYNA” product?
      If not, “Academic Multiphysics Campus licenses for Teaching and Research” don’t support LS-DYNA solver.

      To enable LST LS-DYNA to run with Ansys licensing, set LSTC_FILE to ansys or ANSYS, then set ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to 1055@servername (servername of License server.) Also the licensingclient folder (which contains ansyscl) need to place in same directory as LST LS-DYNA executable file.
      I recommend installing version 2022 R2 Service Pack 2


    • Todd Bredbenner

      Hmm.  I thought that we discussed adding LS-DYNA support to our license, but maybe that didn't happen.  I'll have to look into it.

      At any rate, thanks for your help, George!

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