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LS-DYNA license issue

    • goonewardena

      Hi, I'm trying to run a .k file on LS-RUN, and I'm encountering the attached error. I got the solver from ANSYS student version.

      However, LS-DYNA is not appearing in the Analysis Systems on ANSYS WB. Please help :)

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      In the Windows search field on the task bar, type in Environment
      Open "Edit System Environment Variable for your system"
      Click on Enironment Variables:
      Click on New and Add the System Variable: ANSYS_SYSDIR

      Now try to run LSRUN

      For available in WB: If you click on View All/Customize
      Is LS-DYNA available?
      Did you install LS-DYNA Student or are you running Academic versions with a teaching or research license?

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