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LS-DYNA licensing server error with new license file “Invalid configuration file”

    • aswift

      We received a new license file to replace the expiring license file for LS-DYNA. I followed the instructions in the new license file email to download and install the most up to date license server software.

      I downloaded the license server "LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_ia32_redhat30.tgz" from the link that was listed in the new license file email that you had sent.

      I also tried the FTP site at: None of the license manager files there for RedHat have been updated since 2012...

      I untar'd the contents of the "LSTC_LicenseManager_77918_ia32_redhat30.tgz" file and installed them in the working directory of the license server. These new binaries work fine with our existing license, but I get the same error when moving to the new license "Bad keys in the license file":


      LSTC license server version 77918 started at Thu Feb 24 15:24:16 2022


      Using configuration file /opt/lstc/server_data

      ERROR: Invalid configuration file

      ERROR: bad keys in the license file /opt/lstc/server_data

      Any help would be appreciated.

    • Imtiaz Gandikota
      Ansys Employee
      BAD KEYS error usually means 1. Something was changed in the "server_data" file that the license manager is unable to read. Note that new keys are issued for full IP range ( Therefore, please do not modify/restrict the IP range, just leave it as ALLOW_RANGE: in "server_data" file
      2. The license file contains JOBS and ADDED_CORES definitions. This requires using the most recent license manager (revision 111345). In the ftp link you provided, please go to "Job-License-Manager" under /user/license/ for the most recent license manager version.
      Please also check if your email security or spam filter made any changes to the "server_data" file. We recently came across a few cases where license file was modified by spam filter.
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