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ls-dyna, mat63, element history, volumetric strain

    • pdybskiy


      I’m using mat63 Crushable Foam for which lspp generates (fringe 81 mat063;pfringe ) “volumetric strain ln(v)” fringe map, which looks reasonable to me.

      I was not able to find lspp GUI way to output the volumetric strain time-history for selected elements. Instead, I tried the “etime 81” command, which produced History Variable #1 graphs.

      The issue I’m facing is a significant mismatch between fringe map and element history values (see Figure below).

      Please advise on the right way to output history of “volumetric strain ln(v)”.

    • Ushnish Basu
      Ansys Employee
      You can output history for a particular element using one of the following two approaches:
      Post -> History -> Element
      First choose the appropriate fringe plot using Post -> Fringe, then use Post -> History -> Scalar to plot the history of that particular fringe

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