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LS-DYNA on not memory issue

    • longt8

      I ran a simulation on cluster and the total simulation time is 3s. Finally it shows that:

      Max. Memory reqd for implicit sol: max used        0

       Max. Memory reqd for implicit sol: incore         0

       Max. Memory reqd for implicit sol: oocore         0

       Memory required to complete solution (memory=  1290K memory2=  154K)

           Minimum  143K on processor   4

           Maximum  154K on processor   1

           Average  148K

       Additional dynamically allocated memory

           Minimum  2125K on processor   0

           Maximum  2317K on processor   1

           Average  2261K

       Total allocated memory

           Minimum  2278K on processor   0

           Maximum  2470K on processor   1

           Average  2409K

      Since the material is purely hyperelasticity, we can condense the time. When I condensed the same simulation to 0.01s, the simulation runs good. there is no problem.

      Since I need to run it using 3s rather than 0.01 in the end, Could you give me help?

      The attachment is my message file by my cluster.

      Thank you!

      Teng Long

    • Missy Ji
      Ansys Employee
      3 sec is too long for explicit solver, you might want to use mass scaling or velocity scaling.n
    • longt8
      Since I need will add viscoelasticity effect, so with strain rate = 10%/s with strain = 30%, so I need to have a test on 3s for the hyperelasticity material first to estimate the total time I need to use and then add the viscoelasticity. nDo you mean LS DYNA explicit solver run for 3s?nThank you!n
    • longt8
      I don't agree with that explicit dynamics solver can not ran for 3s, so I would appreciate that a LS DYNA, ANSYS technique engineer can answer my question.nThank you!n
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