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LS-Dyna Pedestrian Impact Simulation


    • cheuklam

      Hi, I was trying to do a pedestrian frontal impact simulation with LS PrePost and LS-Dyna by using a Toyota Yaris FE model from NHTSA and Hybrid III dummies. However, I am a new user on the software and I couldn't figure out a way to start with it. I have tried to access the download section of the LSTC website as there was a learning aid on "Ve­hi­cle Hit­ting Stand­ing Dum­my", but it turns out I didn't have the access and permission for the download. Is there anyone have previous knowledge on the related topic that can provide some advice or support?

    • Imtiaz Gandikota
      Ansys Employee
      Please check with your ls-dyna license contact for login information to download the files.
      The learning aid you're referring to consists of a public domain vehicle model (with some minor modifications) and LST Hybrid III standing dummy. The vehicle model can be downloaded from NCAC website. If you're new to ls-dyna, please refer some tutorials on simple impact problems, either on ALH or other online resources.
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