LS Dyna

LS Dyna

Ls Dyna simulation ends before termination time

    • elisa.peroglio

      Hello, I am simulating six different types of side crashes. While for 3 left crashes and 2 right crashes the simulation is going well, for the one at the right of the vehicle, at right angle in corrispondence of R point, the simulations ends before the termination time is reached. I can't see in log file any errors, at the end it is only saing:

      E r r o r   t e r m i n a t i o n                             
        430565 t 4.4592E+01 dt 4.00E-07 flush i/o buffers            

      Do someone have an idea of why this is happening? I see that the energy is balanced and also hourglass is very low. Could you advise me what else I can check? It seems very strange to me, since the other five simulations are running correclty. 

      Thank you!


    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Elisa,


      Are you running MPP on many cores? If so, have a look at each messag files (messag0000, messag0001, etc.). A meaningful error message may be  written in one of the files. 



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