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LS DYNA user subroutine – Where to download the object version of LS-DYNA from?

    • ashith


      I use LSDYNA from 2021R1 structures package (Academic license, Linx64 CentOS 8.3 platform) and want to start using the user defined features of LS-DYNA.

      A screenshot of appendix A of 'LS-DYNA_Manual_Volume_I_R11.pdf’ is posted below and it states that an object version of LS-DYNA has to be downloaded to work with user defined subroutines. These object version files are not part of the Structures 20201R1 package I downloaded and installed from ANSYS customer portal site. I can't find a place to download the object version of LS-DYNA from. I am wondering if anyone knows where to get it from?



    • tslavik
      Ansys Employee
      The object package is available onthe LST FTP site. Unfortunately, we cannot directly provide you with those login credentials.You will have to request them from the person who manages the LS-DYNA license at your university. If your license is through an Ansys Channel Partner, someone from that office should be able to provide them.
    • DavidFray
      I manage the Ansys Enterprise license for the University of Washington, which includes LS-DYNA, which I pay extra for. I can download Ansys software, from but where can I find the LST FTP site referred to in your comment?
      David Fray
    • Jim Day
      Ansys Employee
      Google "ftp site for ls-dyna object code". The first hit points to a set of notes that provide download instructions.
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