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LS-OPT error about command line “qstat -f -1” on log

    • Xu Airy

      How to check and fix this issues.

      LS-OPT7.0.0 and 7.0.2 same error

      Error Log:

      [RUNQUEUER] Found Job string for PBs DgA201,ihr0227G SERVER=sishr02276
      IRUNOUEUER] Submit comnand toriineted with code p
      [STDOUT Executing /opt/pbu/birvautat f -1 D4201 sihr02276
      [STDouT]in dir /Commonlilea/a5p3aSimpla Car/171 1
      [RUNOUEUERI Ououe status check to
      hinatd with code 2
      [STDOUT] Executino: /opt/pbs/bir/astat -1 .1 04201 hr02276
      [STDOUN in dir /Commonfiles/u5p3ai/Simple Car/1/1 1/
      [RUNOUEUER] Queue statu" chack torminnted with code 2
      [STDOUT] Exocuting/opt/pbt/bin/astat - -1 94201.sishr02276
      ITouTin dir /commonfies/aSp3iSimpie Car/y
      [RUNOUEUER) Quoun status check terminated with code 2
      [STDOUT] Executing: /opt/pbs/bin/qstat -f -1 94201 sishr02276
      ISTDOUT in dir /CommonFiles/s5p3qi/Simple Car/1/1.1/
      ntod with code 2
      RUNOUEUER)] Ououe status chack termin
      STDOUN Executing: /pt/pbs/bin/qstat -f -1 94201.sishr02276
      [STDOUT in dir: /CommonFiles/s5p3a/Simple Car/1
      (RUNQUEUER] Qugue status check terminated with code 2
      [RUNOUEUER] Status did not report a proper status after 5 attempts



    • Imtiaz Gandikota
      Ansys Employee

      Do you have "wrapper" defined in your job script before mpirun command? If wrapper is not connecting back to ls-opt, the job scheduler will try internal qstat command to get job status. This is just a fail safe check and this command may not work for all environements. Please check if wrapper is defined correctly in the job scrpt. 

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