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LS PREPOST – Output Fluid Surface Only Outputs First Time Step

    • patjoy

      Hi Everyone,

      I am trying to output the fluid surface time history for an ALE simulation using the Output -- Fluid Surface option in LS-PREPOST. However, when I specify to output more than one state the post-processor writes the file but only writes the state for the first time step anyways. When I specify to write any other time step except for the first nothing is written. Has anyone figured out how to use this output type properly or how to extract the fluid surface from an ALE simulation?

      Thank you!

    • ido
      Ansys Employee
      Perhaps you may have used the wrong "fluid surface" option?
      MODEL ==> SELPAR ==> NONE ==> FLUID ==> select only the AMMGID (ALE mat group ID) you want to display ==> ANIMATE ==>
      Then you can stop and print out the plot at any time.
    • patjoy

      Thank you for your response, this has solved my problem. My issue was that I had more than one AMMGID selected.

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