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LSDYNA Error ( Error unresolved symbol: “D”)

    • Swanand107

      Hello ,

      1) I Was using LS-DYNA Version R11.0.0 = My Setup was running.

      2) But when i switched to R11.1.0 = Solver Gave error (  ( Error unresolved symbol: "D")

      (Error 10907 (KEY+907)

         *** Error unresolved symbol: "D")

      I am not able to understand , how can i remove this error

      If anyone is aware that would help

    • Imtiaz Gandikota
      Ansys Employee
      This is an input error. My guess is you have an input field with "&D" without *PARAMETER card defined. Try to read the file in LS-PrePost and check if points to the card with error.
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