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LSDYNA License Manager won’t Open, Machine ID mismatch suddenly.

    • crd73

      Hi, I hope to gather assistance in troubleshooting two issues.

      1st - One day LSDYNA and the corresponding license work perfectly, and the next, the license manager gives an error such as that "Machine ID: X does not match the license file id: Y" (Image 1). Why would the machine ID change on either the machine or the license, and how can I troubleshoot this?

      2nd - The next day, the license manager (lstclmui.exe) won't start, giving a C++ error (Image 2) I was able to access another license manager interface through LS-Run (not sure of the difference) and when I select the "install network license" option and select the file that worked recently on the same machine, I receive the error in image 1.

      Image 1

    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee


      Is your LSTC license server a virtual machine (VM)? VMs are prone to hostid changes as seen by the LSTC license manager and so we recommend installing the LSTC license manager on a physical (bare metal) server.

      The error message you are getting means the hostid of the LSTC license server does not match the hostid in the license file (server_data). To fix this problem, you usually need to do a license server change (sign an LCF form) and get a new license file. Please contact your Ansys account manager to get a new license file.

      Have you installed the program manager? If so, please uninstall it and all LSTC products and use the LSTC license manager on the license server and LS-RUN on the client machine to run LS-DYNA.

      Have you installed the latest LSTC license manager on the license sever? You can download it here:

      username: user

      password: computer


      After installing the LSTC license manager on the license server, run the lstclmui.exe as administrator and uninstall and then install the LSTC service for Windows:

      Then, you can import the license file:

      And start the service:

      You will find all the LSTC license manager documentation here:


      You can download LS-RUN here:


      And you will find a video tutorial on LS-RUN here:


      Finally, you can download the latest LSPP here:


      Let me know how it goes.



    • crd73

      Thanks! Requested another license with the new ID and will see how that goes.

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