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Lumapi – Insufficient Memory even though I have memory

    • Jack

      Hi All

      I've run into a problem where when I create an FDTD instance in Lumerical I get an error mid-way through build saying

      "The program must be terminated due to insufficient memory."

      I have 128GB RAM and 4TB storage so this isn't an issue. I've tried increasing the mesh size but to no avail.

      What's strange is if I build it manually I can run it fine. Would anyone know what the issue could be? I've tracked it on Task Manager and there doesn't seem to be a spike in specs or anything.

      Any help would be appreciated. 

    • Jack

      For reference here is the first first part of the code. Specifically I get the error on line 59. Above there are just variables that define things. 

      The x span is set to be 1 micron with conformal variable 0 mesh and the background index is set to 1.333. 

      When I set the x span to be 10nm the program is not shut down due to insufficient memory but the elements are added to the build extremely slowly (140 seconds to add 5 elements). Before it used to start running the simulation in under 10 seconds. Nothing has changed but this has happened all of a sudden. 

      When I construct this in GUI it works fine and I can use python to load files and save them just not create new ones. 



    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Did you find the solution as this post was closed?

      Usually I suggest to test the Lumerical script first to make sure everything works fine when Python script causes some issues.

      Currently creating geometris with Python is a little slow which is under improvement. Please use struct for parameter assignments to improve the efficiency.


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