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Ansys Lumerical is not working properly


      I'm facing issue in fetching license from Ubuntu 20.4 LTS which is a server machine. I want the solution for this issue. The license is shown active in the licensing of the optics launcher, but all the solver are showing 'Evaluate option' rather than 'New Project'. All the required Screenshot is attached for reference. On every attempt to open the solver the first GUI is initiated but when you choose File>New> New project , then the optics launcher is popping up with "Evaluate " option.

      On checking license, Everything is working fine. But the issue of starting new project is still there.Reference screeshots are attached.


    • Devika
      Ansys Employee



      Can you please check at the “server machine” side. This seems like something missing at server end. For example license is not activated/updated in server machine. 

      Please also check license manager status - either on the server or from the client machine

      How to check license status and availability – Ansys Optics

      If issue still exist please send an update here and another expert will followup with you.

      Thanks and regards






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