Lumerical EME accessing transmission through Monitor in script

    • milan.deumer

      I have an EME simulation with a field monitor normal to the x dimension (crossection) named "Crossection_1". After running the simulation and propagating, I would like to acess the transmission through that monitor through the script command "transmission("Crossection_1");". However I get an error "in transmission, no d-card named Crossection_1 was found with the necessary data". What am I doing wrong? 

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      The monitor in EME is called "profile monitor", which collects all the EH fields. It is not designed to get the transmission. The transmission is obtained from the "user s matrix", and abs(s)^2 is the power-equivalent transmission or reflection.

      Please note that the function "transmission" can only be used in FDTD and varFDTD.

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