Lumerical FDTD_E-field (phase distribution)

    • LAB518_white

      Dear Lumerical Support Team

      I wonder how we extract the phase (degree) in electric field ?

      So far, I have done using frequency domain field profile monitor to take Im(Ey).

      How to convert in phase ?

      Do you have any examples?

      Thank you in advance!

    • Guanhui Wang
      Ansys Employee
      Hi LAB518_white
      Thank you for posting here. I think your direction is correct, that you can get ther eal and imaginary parts of the field, then you can either calculate the phase based on the real and imaginary values, or you can directly use the "angle" command on the ocmplex field to get the phase.
    • LAB518_white
      Dear Thanks for your reply
      Please see the attached screenshot.
      I wonder the unit of the scale bar.
      Is that degree?
      It suppose should be -180 degree to 180 degree or not?
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