Photonics – Chinese

Photonics – Chinese

lumerical heat仿真不收敛有可能是因为什么呀

    • liang211
      server-A1(process 0): Solver terminated at step 1 of 1. Error (divergence): Electro-thermal Newton solver failed to converge after 300 iterations.
      Device solution update error ratio norm is 301593
      Device residual norm is 6.91555e-07.
      Residual ratio (last iteration/first iteration) is 1.5788e-06.
      server-A1(process 0): Warning: the heat transport solver failed to converge. A partial result will be saved.
      server-A1(process 0): The program terminated due to an error: The simulation diverged and the result is incomplete.
      server-A1(process 0): Error: there was an unknown parallel error. The error code is 9002, the process number is 0

      cu电极连接TiN Heater,加热Si波导,一个热相移器。


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      热学仿真发散常见的原因是注入的功率太高了! 你想一想,器件非常小,高功率导致极高的功率密度。请用低电压开始测试。

      第二个原因是边界条件不合适。 缺省的边界条件是绝热,因此一点功率可以导致仿真发散。


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