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[Lumerical Interconnect] ONA returned EMPTY results after simulation

    • goldenalcheese


      This is really confusing to me. When connecting two waveguide couplers (the built-in components in library) in series, choose the upper port on the left hand side as input, and the upper port on the right hand side as output. Theoretically, the output should be zero. In this case, I am expecting the ONA returning results, zero though (say a zero line in the transmission curve, etc., or at least a sort of indicator Null). But the 'Result View' of ONA is simply empty. The logic here is confusing to me...

    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      The ONA will only record signals that are greater than the value of the ONA's "sensitivity" property, which is -100 dBm by default. To record a zero signal, reduce the sensitivity to zero (you will have to change the units of the sensitivity, since it is in dBm by default).
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