Lumerical Interconnect: Revise component property in a compound by script

    • goldenalcheese


      I am using Lumerical interconnect. I make a compound containing 3 built-in waveguide couplers. How could I change one of the waveguide coupler's coupling coefficients using a script? I am thinking about sth like: select("Root Element::COMPOUND_1:C1"); set ("coupling coefficient", 0.5). Does this work?..

      Moreover, how could I do this on the schematic? When I right-click the compound and select 'edit', I don't see the properties of waveguide couplers. I have to first expand the compound and go to the inner schematic to change the coupling coefficients. Is there any simpler way to do so?

    • Guanhui Wang
      Ansys Employee
      Hi goldenalcheese
      It's recommended using the "setnamed" command to do this: setnamed("Root Element::COMPOUND_1:C1", "coupling coefficient", 0.5);
      You can add new properties to the compound element by editing it and adding new properties in the Property tab. Then you can link this property to its children elements properties by setting this up in the setup script of the compound element. Here are some examples:
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