Lumerical Interconnect Smart Photonics SOA issue

    • istrat01

      We are facing some issues while using Lumerical Interconnect with the Smart Photonics PDK(file: “smart-photonics_v1.0.cml”).

      Namely, when we try to use the Smart Photonics’ SOA with a length of 1000 μm, the DC source set to amplitude = 0.1 a.u. and the Lumerical CW laser set at 0dBm and 1550 nm we get an error from the compiler, stating that empty results were found(Lumerical optical spectrum analyser is used to plot the results).


      The same thing happens even changing the SOA length and bias. 

      Moreover, the values that are accepted as inputs for the various building blocks in the PDK do not coincide with the values that are reported in the Smart Photonics’ design manual.

      Could you help us with that, please?



    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      To isolate if this is from the PDK or orther circuit elements, I would suggest that you use ideal elements and do the test. If it is due to PDK, you may need to get the newest version from the fundry, together with the newst Lumerical software.

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