[Lumerical Interconnect] wrong result on a straight waveguide…??

    • goldenalcheese
      Hi I am trying to simulate a straight waveguide in lumerical interconnect. I choose both effective index and group index to 3, and set the length of the waveguide to 100um.
      Thus, say at 193Thz, the frequency response should be exp(1j * 2pi * 193Thz * 3 *100um / c), where c=3e8 is the light speed. Using a calculator, it is not hard to see the result should be 1+0j.
      However, this is not what lumerical Interconnect returns. See the attached screenshot for my configuration of the waveguide, and the simulation result. Obviously, the returned result doesn't have a real part equal to 1 at 193Thz.
      I am wondering what might be wrong?

    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      Hello goldenalcheese,

      When I enter that expression into INTERCONNECT's Script Prompt I get:


      This seems to agree with your plot. Can you double check your calculation?

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