Lumerical license issue

    • Romil_Audhkhasi


      We recently renewed our Lumerical license that was supposed to start on Feb. 18, 2023. However, I am getting an error whenever I try to launch any of the Lumerical products:
      The license configuration looks something like this:
      As you can see, the domain field shows "server unreachable or license could not be found" instead of "standard" as it should.
      However, the FlexNet license status is active:
      And the product entitlements listed on the Ansys Licensing Portal are also active:
      Could you please help me figure out what might be causing this issue? This is a time-sensitive issue as research from several groups at our university is being impacted. Hoping for a timely response.
      Thank you
    • Romil_Audhkhasi

      As an add-on, we are getting the following error while trying to run Lumerical jobs using our license installed on the computing cluster:

      How can we fix this?

    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee


      Replying to you in a separate thread. 

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