Lumerical support registration instructions

    • Chris Kopetski
      Ansys Employee

      Lumerical support registration is a simple process that allows Lumerical users to access commercial technical support and some technical resources such as Application Gallery files.

      NOTE: Technical support for commercial customers is provided via Lumerical support, not the Ansys customer portal. Support is valid for the duration of your license/subscription. Once the license expires, you will have to register for support with your current license. A Lumerical user account and an active Ansys Lumerical license is required to register for support.

      Please see this guide in the Lumerical Knowledge Base (KB) for details. 
    • ghumro.adnan

      Dear Lumerical Support Team,


      I am Adnan, Masters student at Scoula Superiore Sant'Anna. I am using Lumerical to simulate some part of my masters thesis. I am using a components from Extruded Polygons and particularly isosceles Trapizoid. I am rotating it's first axis along y axis by 90 degree and second axis along z axis. I am intersted that the trapizod lx top and lx base should increase along the z axis like taper for example at start the lx base is 0.48 and lx top is 0.40, but it should gradually increase untill 10um in z axis and ends up with 1.5um top base and 1.40um. I am not able to do it, so I need your help to figure out how we can acheieve this in Lumerical.

      Looking forward to hear from you

      Thank you


      Best Regards,


      Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy

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