Luminophore diode [Is it possible?]

    • Martin Veis


      I would like to know, whether it is possible to simulate a luminophore diode. (White diode that is constructed out of a blue diode with two layers of luminophore (green and red) on top).
      I have the license for FDTD, STACK, and RCWA so I checked the Oled example [1], but the Stack Dipole source does not allow me to specify the spectral dependency of the parameters to accurately model the absorption and then reemission of photons. (Parameters ef, st, rd [2] are not spectral-dependant.)

      I do know the absorption, refractive index, and emission spectra of all layers in the simulation.

      Is this problem solvable by any of the solvers mentioned above?

      Thank you,




    • Taylor Robertson
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Martin,

      It is not possible to look at the phosphoresence process directly in Lumerical. This a nonlinear quantum process, and Lumerical is classical EM solver. Finding out what the exact emission spectrum of the device will not be possible using the simulations tools you mentioned. Perhaps you can use an an analytic model to solve for a reasonable emission spectrum and then you can use stack, rcwa and fdtd to looking at the light extraction efficiency and purcell enhancment of the device. Oled device workflows demonstrate some applicable workflows.



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