lumopt complex index

    • pengzheng97

      I need to use the lumopt with complex index, but meet some problems

      CONFIGURATION FILE {'root': 'D:\Program Files\Lumerical\api\python', 'lumapi': 'D:\Program Files\Lumerical\api\python'}

      Initializing super optimization

      Wavelength range of source object will be superseded by the global settings.

      Traceback (most recent call last):

       File "D:/Program Files/Lumerical/python-3.6.8-embed-amd64/fdtd-python/fdtd/JXP/", line 89, in


       File "D:/Program Files/Lumerical/python-3.6.8-embed-amd64/fdtd-python/fdtd/JXP/", line 58, in runSim

       File "D:Program", line 351, in run


       File "D:Program", line 97, in initialize

        list(map(init_suboptimization, self.optimizations))

       File "D:Program", line 93, in init_suboptimization


       File "D:Program", line 558, in initialize

        self.geometry.add_geo(self.sim, start_params, only_update = False)

       File "D:Program FilesLumericalapipythonlumoptgeometries", line 481, in add_geo

        eps = self.eps if params is None else self.get_eps_from_params(sim, params.reshape(-1))

       File "D:Program FilesLumericalapipythonlumoptgeometries", line 189, in get_eps_from_params

        'eps_geo = topoparamstoindex(params,topo_rho);').format(self.eps_min,self.eps_max,self.filter_R,self.beta,self.eta,self.dx,self.dy) )

       File "D:Program", line 1184, in eval

        evalScript(self.handle, code)

       File "D:Program", line 248, in evalScript

        raise LumApiError("Failed to evaluate code")

      lumapi.LumApiError: 'Failed to evaluate code'

      Process finished with exit code 1

      and I use the complex like this

      eps_wg = (6.5+8j) ** 2
      eps_bg = 1 ** 2

      there is any solution to solve it?

      best wish!😁

    • Taylor Robertson
      Ansys Employee

      Unfortunately topology optimization doesn't currently support materials with complex indices. You could submit this as feature request to IX.

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