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      Can the LumOpt -> Python integration and API be used on a headless node? I.e. if you are controlling LumOpt/FDTD through python scripts, can you directly call the FDTD engine to compute the generated forward and adjoint simulation as they are created into .fsp files? Or does this require the GUI connection.


      Thank you

    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee



      Our API/scripting environment is part of the CAD/GUI and will always require a GUI interface/connection to the machine running the API/script. 
      >>>Lumerical product components and licensing overview – Ansys Optics 
      >>>Python API overview – Ansys Optics 

      We recommend running this from the Lumerical CAD > script editor window on a machine with a GUI interface/connection. 

      Otherwise, a workaround would be to run with Xvfb (virtual display). *Take note that this workaround is provided as is and might not work for certain Linux installations.
      >>> Running CAD jobs on headless Linux systems – Ansys Optics



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