Lumped parameter and UDF for controlling Outlet flow rate in an adult aorta

    • raymondgho


      I am interested in controlling the outlet flow as a function of resistance. My experience is relatively new to modelling ( 1 year ) and I'm  unsure how to do this with either a lumped parameter or UDF or even if this the correct approach. 

      Can anyone suggest any advice or references (papers, tutorials or books)  to better understand how to practically apply LP or UDFs ? (I am currently reading the Ansys Manuals).

      Attached picture is the project I am working on. It is a simplified human aorta, the cannula flow introducesa constant steady state blood flow rate and I have released solid non spherical particles (emboli) at vulnerable artery wall sites, contra-lateral to the cannula tip.

      The cerebral arteries and the descending aorta are the 4 outlets. I'd like to set their outlet flowrates, ( either based on prior data or as a function) at the moment I know only how to set pressure outlets so the massflow rate passing through is not close to what is shown clinically.



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